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Web Working for You Ltd.  A Limited Company registered in Northern Ireland, NI 061689. Registered Offices at 11 Point Street, Larne, Co Antrim, BT40 1HY

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Anatomy  of a Domain Name

Your domain has to be truly unique.  

There are various rules about domains.  Firstly, issues around copyright and legal ownership must be avoided and don't even try to grab someone else's trademark or a close-spelling of any existing recognised names.  Don't have anything which might be construed as obscene.  As per Company names, you should not have "royalty" or "Limited" or whatever, unless you have genuine reason so to do.

You can use up to 67 characters in the Domain Name.  No spaces.  No underscores. Use letters, numbers and hyphens - but it must not start or end with a hyphen.  It MUST have at least one letter.  Capital letters can be used in correspondence to make things clearer but any capitalisation is ignored.

There are other (and changing) rules about domain names and we cannot give advice, legal or otherwise, on the viability or legality of any proposed domain - it is best for you to play safe.

The extension of the domain name, sometimes referred to as the TLD (Top Level Domain) is whether your domain ends in .co.uk, .com, .eu, or whatever.  We have several of the most popular TLDs in UK, Ireland and the US, but we cannot provide .ie addresses at the moment.  You will see that prices vary for the domain name, dependent on the TLD.

You must officially register your domain and you keep it for a fixed term before it needs renewed (2 full years in our case for all domains).

.co.uk - perfect for all UK uses

.com - “Commercial” or International

.me.uk - individuals

.eu - European

.org - Not for Profit Organisations