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Web Working for You Ltd.  A Limited Company registered in Northern Ireland, NI 061689. Registered Offices at 11 Point Street, Larne, Co Antrim, BT40 1HY

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Help in Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain has to be truly unique.  

If you are not sure, you should check out the anatomy of a domain name - click here

Choose from a list of considerations for your domain - you need to consider...


Concise - it should be a short as possible

Easily spelt/spelled - not everyone is an expert in English nor is English their native tongue

Reduce confusion - don’t allow room for mistakes - webworking4u, webworkingforyou, webworkingforu, webworking4you (I know - we got it wrong!  But we are sticking with it!)

Contains your “key phrase” - to help in Search Engine Results

Contains your Company Name / Brand / Trading Name

Relevant to your Business/Site

Think about plurals

Aim at the right geographical location - .co.uk for UK, .com for International, .org for Non-Profits

If you are in business and the .com is already taken, choose something else so you can also get the .com.

It should be meaningful - this will often compete with “conciseness” - is it better to have www.twntew.co.uk or www.TheWebNameThatEveryoneWants.co.uk

Don’t-do-the-dashes-bit - people hate keying in dashes or remembering where the dashes are

Foreign translation - make sure it does not translate into anything lude/rude/illegal

Parsing - make sure it cannot be parsed into something completely different - the therapist directory site should not be happy with www.therapistfinder.co.uk nor should the Spanish Estate Agent get someone confused as to whether or not he is into masochism at www.choosespain.co.uk

Steer clear of Trademarks - unless they are very definitely yours

Don’t be too similar to someone else

If you are a Business Start-up, buy your domain names and then pick your Company Name, NOT vice versa.

Make sure you have done some research - check what your Competitors have already done, check what is already being used, check if similar names have been reserved and may come on line soon.

Consider registering for as long as 10 years - to help in Search Engine results.  If Google see you are in for 10 years, then you will get some extra “juice”.

Nothing illegal

A good idea is to get some friends and colleagues round and have a brisk brain-storm event to conjure up all the options and then use these considerations to come to a final decision